I am up on Facebook and I have my own webpage https://dialledinarchery.wordpress.com/ , which is still very much a work in progress. I secured a gmail account to link to the webpage dialledinarchery@gmail.com.

I tried creating a dedicated Instagram page but somehow I violated Instagram rules of use. What rules, they won’t say but it was in the creation process itself  I am pretty sure. I tried to use my new  email and I guess that somehow conflicted with my existing registered account. If anyone knows how to fix this hit me up on email because I haven’t been able to get them to talk to me.

It is all far too slow for my liking at this point but I need to hustle a little harder to make some satisfactory progress. Speaking of progress i want to get a video up on youtube, the webpage and the FB page this week. I’l feel like i have really accomplished something then.




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