I am new to 3D archery. I joined a club here in Ottawa recently and I have been out 4 times shooting in the trees. I really enjoy it so far and I don’t suck at it. I still need to practice estimating range but then again I don’t think that ever stops.

Cantley Archers in Cantley, Quebec (900 avenue Gatineau) are putting on a little tournament June 25th so I am going to dive in. Originally I was going with my brother, who is also new to it, but he has prior obligations so I will be solo. I am doing some last-minute maintenance (d loop replacement) but I am trying to stop myself from doing anything too drastic because I don’t want to be the guy with the excuses. You know the guy  that would have done better except (insert excuse here).   So I am just making sure what I have currently is going to stay put.

I am having a slight panic because I just realized all the targets at my range are in metres and I estimate range and set my sight pins, in yards. This will only come into play at 40 to 50 yards (actually 40 and 50 metres) as those are the only pins I have moved since starting at my new range. I need a little practice anyway so I think I will just borrow my brother’s range finder and reset my 40 and 50 pins this week. But I still refuse to make excuses…we’ll see come Sunday.


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