My FB rants and good customer service.

I posted a rant on the web page wall on the weekend. It basically said I was upset with the state of customer service in the vast majority of the archery / outdoor industry in Ottawa. Instead of dwelling on the shortcomings, I am going to focus on finding some good this week and I will NOT be afraid to convey that to those providing me the services.

I have received good customer service in the last month from 2 places: Cabela’s (good service from a big box store, can you believe it?) and QAD – Quality Archery Designs .

Example 1 – Cabela’s has a staff member named Mack who is always enthusiastic and helpful. He is passionate about archery and it is reflected in his job execution. He goes out of his way to help you in whatever you’re looking for. It’s made me purchase things I would otherwise have gotten online or elsewhere. One day I hope I can employ him or a few like him.

Example 2 – QAD Archery has a guy named David Noll over there and he was quick to help me out and send me parts, free of charge to get me back online. He sent them quickly and updated me alone the way (I am huge on updates). I will continue to use their products and not just because the products are great but because the team is great.

Get out and find you some good people, products, and services this week, and get it Dialed In.



I’m excited to start a new week. Hope you are too!

I have been scheming again and I’m excited to execute.

I have been doing a lot of thinking in circles and a lot of what I am thinking is “who am I to think I can execute these plans and ideas?”.  The time for that kind of thinking needs to pass.

My plans are to execute on all levels this week. At the gym, at the day (night) job, at the side hustle, at the side-side hustle. LOL

Gonna get some cash flow happening. Hopefully get my newest bow back from the dealer. Get my motorcycle out of the garage.  Get some career success popping (I’m so hip-hop haha)